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AGDK Scholar Blueprint (Hardcopy)

AGDK By Rushell Lashay

AGDK Scholar Blueprint (Hardcopy)

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Attention, future scholars! 📣🎓

Don't let scholarships slip through your fingers! Grab our game-changing product and discover the secrets to scholarship triumph! 💥💡 Experience the power of expertly crafted essay writing techniques that win hearts, to a foolproof 7-step flowchart, we've got you covered! 💪💰 Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to a debt-free future by unlocking a world of possibilities! 🌍✨ 


The Physical AGDK Scholarship Bundle has 178 content-rich academic flashcards (physical flashcards), and the interactive follow-along workbook has 135 pages that include a personalized 7-step scholarship flow chart, diagrams, knowledge checks, notes space, analogies, and more; this bundle is tailored to scholarship tips, techniques, advice, and best practices.  

This bundle is a combination of both volumes 1 & 2 combined.


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The foundation

My foundation is my story. My foundation is my purpose.


Stepping Into My Purpose

A memoir of faith, love, loss, and perseverance

An inspirational and captivating biography of a woman dedicated to living a first-class lifestyle and being the driving force of success for herself and others. This short memoir tells the story of a woman dedicated to the success and overcoming every obstacle to change the world and better her life one day at a time; this is the story of Rushell Lashay Dickerson.  



AGDK provides knowledge in the most accessible ways through our academic flashcards and interactive workbooks. I created this platform to assist others in reaching their fullest potential. I have interned with over eight fortune 500 companies, technical, pharmaceutical, and non-profits and served as a career and student ambassador for many programs; been awarded over thirty-five scholarships. To include a few, Thurgood Marshall, ETS Presidential, merit, high achieving, representative James E. Clyburn and Malcolm X for "Exceptional Courage" scholarships, and I am still receiving more. I have also networked with high-level employees, CEOs, and millionaires. I want to help others do the same, so I created academic flashcards with the same techniques and steps I use to achieve maximum success through my AGDK products.

The Start


AGDK started as a blog and podcast! I published articles every week that were geared toward personal development, developing professional skills, time management, organizational skills, and more. I wanted to do more and reach more people, so in 2022 I transitioned my platform into an LLC with the primary intent to provide knowledge in the simplest ways.

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Three Tips To Try
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Three Tips To Try

Written March 8, 2021 Welcome back to A Girl Dropping Knowledge,   As a disclaimer, all content shared is my experiences and viewpoints.  In today...

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