AGDK By Rushell Lashay

Professional Development Flashcard & Workbook Bundle

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 The Digital AGDK Professional Development Deluxe Package!

Unlock the secrets to career success with our power-packed bundle! 🎉 Get ready to ace resume writing, nail the perfect elevator pitch, and master the art of effective communication. 📝 With 55 content-rich academic flashcards at your fingertips, you'll have the key to unlocking your true potential! 💡

But that's not all! 🌟 It comes with an interactive follow-along workbook takes learning to a whole new level. 📘 Immerse yourself in charts, diagrams, and engaging knowledge checks that make learning fun and effective! 🎯


As this product is digital, we do not issue refunds. Therefore please note that you- the consumer, will not receive a physical product shipped to you. These files are for your personal use only. They may not be sold, copied, distributed, shared, or altered. Do not share these files with anyone else. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nicholas Hill

I believe it would be helpful for students in professional development and is relevant in better preparing students for business and corporate spaces.

- Dean of School of Business, Nicholas Hill

Destiny Farmer
Product Review

I thought the product was very well thought out and executed nicely. The detail in the flashcards, as well as the workbook, really stood out. I loved how the beginning of the workbook had little activities to make it your own and promote self-confidence and awareness before jumping into the work problems. This product is severely relevant as it deals with career development and success. It helps those who need extra guidance or tips on how to be prosperous in all their future endeavors.

-Student, Destiny Farmer

Fields Jackson, Jr

Outstanding - great way to organize yourself and create a vision board for your daily, weekly, and yearly goals.CEO, Fields Jackson, Jr

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