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New Business Launching That Will Help Students Obtain Scholarships,

High-Level Internship Opportunities, Professional Development, and More


Charleston, SC (November/1/2022) - A Girl Dropping Knowledge (AGDK) is officially opening for businesses after a year of preparing to open its doors to the next generation of successful leaders. AGDK aims to instill inspiration, courage, self-motivation, and knowledge within individuals while providing them with the tools needed to reach their full potential.

 A Girl Dropping Knowledge is a learning tool that provides advice, professional development, communication, networking, career readiness, self-care tips, and many more services to assist individuals with transforming into a powerhouse. The first product of the AGDK collection is the First Edition AGDK Digital Flashcard set. This set comes with 30 content-rich academic flashcards that provide tips about networking, effective communication, career fairs, comfort zones, and resumé writing. We also offer a digital deluxe package which comes with a total of 55 academic flashcards and an interactive follow-along workbook. The follow-along workbooks are a guide when studying the flashcard set; this workbook contains charts, diagrams, knowledge checks, and more. AGDK provides knowledge in the simplest way possible, ensuring everyone is on a successful career and academic journey.

 "There is simplicity within the complexity of life, but you must challenge yourself to find it. We want to aid in the growth of students by providing them with the simplest way to learn what is needed to be successful personally, academically, and professionally." Said Rushell L. Dickerson, Founder, and CEO of A Girl Dropping Knowledge.

For more information on A Girl Dropping Knowledge and how to get a set of the First Edition AGDK Digital Flashcard set, please visit us on our website at or email us at You can also scan this QR code and be immediately directed to our website to learn more about who AGDK is and what we do. 





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There is simplicity within the complexity of life, but you must challenge yourself to find it.

-Rushell Lashay