Who's The Girl Dropping Knowledge?

Welcome to my blog!

A Girl Dropping Knowledge (AGDK) aims to instill inspiration, courage, self-motivation, and knowledge within individuals while providing them with the tools needed to reach their full potential while maximizing every opportunity. We want to provide knowledge in the simplest ways through the AGDK Flashcard set and interactive workbook. We provide valuable advice to assist them in transforming into a powerhouse. 


Whom is this girl dropping this knowledge?

I am Rushell Lashay Dickerson, the founder, and CEO of A Girl Dropping Knowledge LLC. (AGDK). I am a passionate advocate for success and an inspiration to others. I believe a person's success depends on willpower, mindset, and knowledge. AGDK aims to help others achieve their goals through various products like the AGDK flashcard set, interactive workbook, and more. I created this platform to reach back and provide guidance. 

Growing up in a small rural town in Charleston, South Carolina, it was hard to access resources to better my future. I had to put in hard work to educate myself on the importance of scholarships, education, and networking. From a young age, I always knew I would be successful; and financially free. I paved the way for myself by doing outside research and participating in different programs to gain knowledge. Growing up, I always had my Saturdays booked. I participated in many programs to access resources that would help better my future. I am an extension of my community and believe in giving back to others. The goal of this blog is to impact a child a day while providing tools for success. 


Girl, what qualifies you to drop knowledge? 

Experience! I have experienced many things in life, and from those experiences, I gained valuable insight. I have accomplished much success at a young age and want to help others do the same. Many may say that I have not experienced enough to provide tips and advice to others. However, I stand with actions over words. My efforts have landed me in rooms with top executives, hiring managers for leading companies, CEOs, authors, and even millionaires. I have accumulated an overwhelming amount of knowledge and am eager to share my knowledge with others. I urge you to share this information with family and friends so they can learn and maximize every opportunity. 

Not only do I have an extensive list of work history, but I am the recipient of numerous prestigious scholarships and awards. To list a few; Thurgood Marshall, ETS Presidential, merit, high achieving, United States Representative James E. Clyburn, and Malcolm X for "Exceptional Courage" scholarships. 





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There is simplicity within the complexity of life, but you must challenge yourself to find it.

-Rushell Lashay