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Written March 8, 2021

Welcome back to A Girl Dropping Knowledge,  

As a disclaimer, all content shared is my experiences and viewpoints. 

In today's blog, I will cover three tips for succeeding in middle and high school. I will discuss the importance of time management, organization, and communication skills. These three tips are essential assets to have throughout life. Middle school and high school are when you begin the journey to finding who you are as an individual. Many may think that they already know who they are as a person, but that is not the case. As we grow, we change. These tips will help guide you to become a well-rounded and efficient individual.  

Time management is essential because it allows you to manage and prioritize efficiently. Good time management helps with staying on task and meeting deadlines. Managing your time well prevents procrastination, and that prevents stress. Many of us procrastinate to get complete tasks which results in low-quality work. If we take the time to manage our time, we can get more done and have free time, which creates balance. Balance in life is essential because we would not be productive without it. 

Next, Organizational skills are essential because it aids professionalism by allowing us to remain centered and productive. School can get hectic and overwhelming. Staying organized and on top of assignments will help eliminate unnecessary stress. It also shows that you - the student- is prepared. Not only are good organizational skills essential for school but for working for a large company or pursuing a career as an entrepreneur. As an employee or entrepreneur, you'll have to organize, plan, prioritize, lead teams, achieve goals, and much more. Having organizational skills will help with staying on top and surpass demanding tasks.

Finally, Communication skills are the foundation of greatness. Words can be misunderstood and taken out of context because of poor communication. Poor communication can lead to misunderstanding, confusion, and frustration. That is why it is essential to speak up and communicate even if it's uncomfortable. 

In conclusion, I hope you all enjoyed the content and gained helpful tips and advice. Please share this blog with family and friends. I am always open to questions, so use the comment section to your advantage. Feel free to leave advice and practical tips that you -as the reader- think are valuable.  

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